Moving to Typepad

With some trepidation I’ve finally decided to move my A PR Guru’s Musings blog to Typepad. In doing so I also finally practice what I preach to clients and give it its own URL at www.stuartbruce.biz. I’ve experimented with both Movable Type and WordPress but decided to go with Typepad because that’s what I’m already using for several clients. As it has the ability to import/export posts I can always change the platform later.

Despite the recent problems with Typepad I still have faith in it. It remains a good solution for small businesses and organisations (although the Yahoo Movable Type offering might present a viable alternative). Movable Type and WordPress might both be  better, but a business that doesn’t have an IT person needs something that it much easier to install and maintain.

UPDATE: After reading this account by BL Ochman maybe Yahoo doesn’t sound such a bargain!

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