PR Week US reports on new PR blog

PR Week US is reporting that Mike Paul, president of MGP & Associates has launched The Reputation Doctor blog. I don’t quite understand why "yet another PR consultant starts a blog" is news, unless Mike Paul is particularly well known in the US. He’s not exactly a Richard Edelman and his company isn’t a Lewis PR. And the blog only has one entry so far, but it has a great photo of the man himself deep in thought. Hopefully Mike is monitoring his reputation online as his blog doesn’t offer trackback or comments so I can’t let him know that I’ve blogged about his blog.

However, what really interested me is that Mike explains why he’s called his blog ‘The Reputation Doctor’ – it’s a nickname given to him by clients. That’s exactly why I called my blog A PR Guru’s Musings. A client first called me their PR Guru and other clients started to do the same.

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