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PR Opinions: Crisis PR: All that glitters is not gold…

If you read one thing about blogs and crisis communications / issues management then let it be PR Opinions: Crisis PR: All that glitters is not gold…. by Tom Murphy. Read, think, learn.

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BlogCode to find bloggers like you

BlogCode is an interesting new project that lets you score a blog by 20-30 questions and using a growing database then helps you to find similar blogs according to the scores. I coded A PR Guru’s Musings yesterday and I’ve…

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PCW starts small business IT section

PCW is starting a new monthly small business IT section that will include a feature plus 6-7 pages of hardware and software product reviews. It’s being put together by Alan “a star in the IT firmament” Stevens . Sounds good….

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Don’t panic stop the presses

This blogging conference lark really works. It really does. Nicky Wake, who runs the Don’t Panic event management company responsible for the New PR and Making the News conferences, has been so inspired she’s started her own blog. Congratulations Nicky….

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Dave Sifry’s really important quote

Richard Bailey points to an interesting interview with Technorati’s Dave Sifrey in yesterday’s Technology Guardian (required reading for anyone with an interest in technology). Talking about the size of the blogosphere the key quote for me was “The number that…

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IT Week podcasts and blogs

IT Week has added podcasts and two new blogs – editor Lem Bingley and freelance Gary Flood – to its offerings. It has been running the IT Sneak blog for sometime. They all run on Typepad and offer FeedDemon RSS…

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Global PR giants buy-up the little guys

A sign of the growing importance of blogs and social media is the recent spate of hirings by the global PR firms. The latest is Richard Edelman’s announcement that Steve Rubel is leaving mid-size New York agency Cooper Katz to…

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The Times ‘What it takes to get to the top’ web seminar

Response Source is a fantastic resource for PR people that lets you subscribe to emails from journalists who are researching/writing current stories. Normally you’re not meant to share them but I’m sure on this occasion I can get away with…

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New PR blog from Sunderland conference

Just in time for Wednesday’s New PR conference it’s time to say hello to Simon Collister who has just started his Simonsays blog as a result of attending last November’s Making the News conference at the University of Sunderland. Incidentally…

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Four things meme

Stephen Davies has tagged me with the four things meme so here goes: Four jobs I’ve had: Organic waste disposal technician (toilet cleaner) Labour Party Regional Officer Politician (elected councillor) PR consultant Four movies I can watch over and over:…

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