PR and politics have lots in common

Public relations and politics have a lot in common. Not least is the fact that both PR practitioners and politicians are frequently criticised by people who know very little about the subject but think they are expert commentators.

The reason they think they are experts is that they are "consumers" of some of the products of PR and politics. The problem is they only see it from their own limited perspective and not the whole picture that the PRs and politicians have.

A good example of this is ex-FT journalist Tom Foremski’s latest musings on PR. From his perspective he might well be right but he is only seeing part of the picture. For a much more rounded view have a look at what renaissance chambra is saying.

The reason that I used the political as well as PR analogy is that I’m part way through writing a rather lengthy essay-style post on this theme. It is a result of mounting fury that so much of the criticism directed at my two main interests is based on ignorance. There is lots that can be criticised about both, so why is 90% of the criticism just people talking out of their arses?

Stuart Bruce

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