Report from EuroBlog conference in Stuttgart and LinkedIn Blog Boost!

The LinkedIn professional networking group has a special interest group of members who are also bloggers. They recently initiated an idea to ‘boost’ each others blogs by giving them a boost on a specific day.

I boosted the first one (Email Overload) on my client Softalk’s Let’s talk business blog because it was interesting and relevant, before I actually realised that the blog boost was running.

I missed the second one because I was rather busy at the time, and also the blog didn’t look that relevant to the type of readers I have.

In complete contrast the third one is Philippe Borremans’ Conversationsblog which is one I actually read anyway! What’s more I was already going to link to one of the many PR blogs that reference the Euroblog conference. I’d also recommend that you took a look at the posts by Philip Young and Elizabeth Albrycht.

Stuart Bruce

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