BBC Breakfast biz journo creates a blog on live TV

BBC Breakfast TV business presenter Declan Curry has just created a new business blog live on TV to show how easy it is. Shame they used Blogger for the demo and gave lots of plugs to Google – what other private company could get that sort of exposure on the BBC?

It had 39 comments in about the first ten minutes!

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  • Richard Bailey

    148 comments (including one from you). Ironically, this experiment demonstrates the power of 'old media' to reach mass audiences more than the organic power of social media to develop conversations…

  • Dan Hill

    I was awake and at the PC when the piece came on. I couldn't resist but comment…

  • Paul Woodhouse

    So 99% of the 148 commenters decide to spam the blog with the same inane cheerleading guff and that proves the power of 'old media' does it?

    God help us.