Christina Odone should learn to tell the truth

PR 101. Always read the whole publication before responding. As soon as I had finished reading ‘Press and PR partnership – networking or not working’ and Anne Summer’s letter on the same subject I broke off eating my lunch to dash off a response letter to Media Guardian.

Back to my lunch I turn the page to read Christina Odone’s column where she follows up her original comments which sparked off the whole debate about Julia Hosbawm’s Editorial Intelligence venture.

Ms Odone makes the ridiculous claim that "journalists are in the business of exposing the truth, PRs are in the business of twisting it". What arrogant (or should that be ignorant?) nonsense. Journalists are just as likely to twist, manipulate and spin the truth as any PR person is.

The truth is that their are many decent honest journalists and PR people with high moral standards and a strict adherence to the codes of conduct for their respective professions. There are also many many journalists and PR people who wouldn’t know what ethics, honesty and truth were if it was tattooed on their eyelids. Neither profession can claim a moral superiority over the other.

Ms Odone would be better putting her own profession in order than commenting about issues she obviously knows little about.

Stuart Bruce

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