IE7 rocks!

As a tech-savvy PR blogger I’ve tried to like Firefox, I really have, but apart from its tabbed browsing I didn’t like it. Internet Explorer 7 on the other hand rocks. It is fantastic and does nearly everything I want from a browser.

There has been some discussion on Neville Hobson’s site about the relative merits of the two. The most interesting comment for me was Stuart Mudie’s: “Bloggers and other web-savvy folks may well have abandoned Internet Explorer a long time ago, but the day my Dad switches over to Firefox instead of using the default browser that ships with his operating system is the day I’ll accept that what Microsoft does about securing their browser doesn’t matter. “

The stats for the various blogs I manage tell an interesting story about the type of person that doesn’t use Explorer.

A PR Guru’s Musings – techy/blogger audience: 66% IE6, 14% Firefox 1.5, 6% IE7

Stuart’s Soapbox – local community/political audience: 94% IE6, 3% Firefox 1.5

Let’s Talk Business – techy/small business audience: 74% IE6, 12% Firefox 1.5

My conclusion is that ‘normal’ people who use the internet for leisure and business are sticking with Microsoft and will continue to do so.

I read my ‘must read’ RSS feeds in IE7, restricting the number so I can see the whole list without scrolling. Everything else goes into FeedDemon where I can use the news bins, watches and blog this features.

Now that Onfolio is part of the Windows Live Toolbar I might have a look at switching to this. I used to use Onfolio as my main newsreader but stopped because the ‘watches’ feature didn’t alert you properly to new items. It is fantastic for doing research and storing web-based news clips for my clients.

Stuart Bruce

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