Journalists write easier to read copy than PRs

Media Orchard has a fun little experiment to assess some media, marketing and PR blogs for their readability using the Gunning-Fog test. I thought I’d add a few extra to the pot (one or two duplicates) and see how PRs compare to journalists and politicians.

Basically it measures what age/how many years of education you need to have had in order to be able to understand the copy. So a newspaper like The Guardian or The Times would score 10 and The Sun scores 6 (which interestingly according to Wikipedia is what a typical comic scores).

The one that impressed me was David Miliband who started his government blog as a way “to help bridge the gap – the growing and potentially dangerous gap – between politicians and the public”. From this score (a crude test I know) it looks like he is doing a good job.

I’ll leave it to those of you featured to comment on the other results.

PR Voice (Tony Bradley) 11.77 – CIPR president and PR consultant
Mediations (Philip Young) 11.45 – PR academic
Boris Johnson MP, Shadow Minister for Higher Education 10.78 – Politician
Desirable Roasted Coffee (Allan Jenkins) 10.24 – PR consultant
AccMan Pro (Dennis Howlett) 10.19 – Journalist (ex, but also an accountant)
A PR Guru’s Musings (Stuart Bruce) 10.07 – PR consultant
Neville Hobson 10.03 – PR consultant
The Business Editors (Caspian Publishing) 9.67 – Journalists (team blog)
A Shel of My Former Self (Shel Holtz) 9.57 – PR consultant
PR Squared (Todd Defren) 9.55 – PR consultant
Simonsays (Simon Collister) 9.42 – PR consultant
BusinessMatters (Stuart Jones) 9.36 – Accountant
PR Studies (Richard Bailey) 9.25 – PR academic
Guy Clapperton 9.20 – Journalist (freelance)
PR Blogger (Stephen Davies) 9.07 – PR student
Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (David Miliband) 8.84 – Politician
Teblog (David Tebbutt) 8.59 – Journalist (freelance)
Charles on…. anything that comes along (Charles Arthur) 7.94 – Journalist (Technology Guardian editor)
ITWEEKBLOG (Gary Flood) 7.29 – Journalist
PR Opinions (Tom Murphy) 7.14 – PR in-house

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