Son of Spin Bunny

I wonder how long Spin Bunny’s successor will last?

The anonymous author(s) of The World’s Leading Gossip Site for People Working in or around Technology PR has/have been blogging since May 20 but I’ve only just seen it thanks to David Rossiter.

As a technology PR consultant outside of the London / Thames Valley scene I’m far too removed to figure out all of the references but I’d be interested to know why out of the numerous UK technology PR bloggers only Drew B and Antony Mayfield get on the blog roll.

No link love for Bitemarks, Chris Lewis, Lewis 360, Alex Bellinger, Stephen Newton, Rainier PR (actually that’s probably a good thing as it’s one of the dullest, most pompous blog I’ve ever seen – sorry guys, don’t like slagging anyone off but it really is terrible – IMHO), Renaissance Chambra, Andrew Smith, Niall Cook or me!

I’ll have to snarl, huff, puff, throw my teddy out of the cot and remove the link!

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