If it’s good enough for Tony…

“My friends and colleagues know I have absolutely no interest in football…” could easily have been the start of one of my posts, but these are actually the words of CIPR president Tony Bradley. They are music to my ears because I am consistently being told that you need to be interested in football because it is an important social skill for PR people to be able to chat to clients, journalists and other networking contacts. Telesales calls are annoying enough at anytime but are doubly so during the World Cup when you first of all have to endure their witterings about tonight’s or last night’s match.

I can now rest easy knowing it’s not just me who publicly expresses a dis-interest in football. If Tony can get away with this in the home of the Toon Army then I can get away with it in first division Leeds. I suspect our mutual friend Stephen “PR Blogger” Davies will disagree!

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