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Print is still favourite for business readers

B2B Marketing reports on research that shows print trade magazines still lead the way as the preferred choice of reading for UK business decision makers, ahead of on-line publications. A survey of 250 UK business decision makers revealed that 92…

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Why regional media still rocks

Stephen Davies recently asked “What does the future hold for the regional press?”. I’m actually quite optimistic about the future of the regional press and even more importantly I believe that it is vital that we all give it as…

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Technorati public relations list isn’t very good

After looking at the PubSub public relations list I thought I’d take a look at the Technorati one. It’s not very good would be the most charitable thing you could say about it. Nine of the top 20 aren’t even…

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PubSub’s last breath puts A PR Guru’s Musings at number 2?

It has been a while since I last looked at PubSub so when Neville Hobson posted about its possible imminent demise I thought I’d take a look. And it’s a good job that I did as I get a chance…

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ResponseSource’s Willcox starts to blog

Daryl Willcox, the man behind the invaluable ResponseSource service, has started the DWPubSporadic blog based on his email newsletters of the same name. Now that I’ve subscribed to the feed all I’ve got to figure out is how to unsubscribe…

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We’re hiring

In August it will be the first anniversary of us setting up Bruce Marshall Associates LLP. One of the reasons we decided to go down the limited liability partnership route was that our long-term business plan includes recruiting and retaining…

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MediaGuardian’s My Media with PR Week’s Danny Rogers

Danny Rogers, editor of Haymarket’s PR Week (UK edition) is the subject of today’s My Media column in the MediaGuardian. For someone who edits a magazine about communications his choices are conservative to say the least. But it also gives…

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World Cup fan Sadiq Khan or PhotoShop Khan?

Please tell me that this photo of Sadiq Khan MP is real. It looks suspiciously like someone has used PhotoShop to stick Sadiq’s head on an England strip. Please, please tell me I’m wrong and that he hasn’t faked a…

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How low can Labour’s on-line comms go?

As a loyal Labour Party activist I’m almost too angry for words about how bad Labour’s on-line communications strategy is. The latest pathetic attempt is announced in an email to Labour Party members purporting to come from from Alastair Campbell….

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PR stunts that miss

Yesterday I posted briefly about the ‘attack’ on Parliament where a man entered the central lobby and threw white powder shouting “you’re all going to die now”. From most of the coverage I hadn’t picked up on what he was…

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