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Recycle this – creative ideas for reusing stuff is a newish website/blog that provides “creative ideas for reusing and recycling random stuff”. Stephen ‘PR Blogger’ Davies has been asking what is the future for the regional press in the brave new world of social media and consumer…

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The stiff British upper lip

And while we’re on the subject of cultural differences here’s one from Recess Monkey that illustrates the British stiff upper lip: Recess Monkey has just received a text message suggesting a chemical attack in Parliament is being taken with a…

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…the world’s leading… America is the greatest

Hot on the heels of …the world’s leading… blisteringly accurate assessment of the pitiful inadequacies of some most (note not all) US PR agencies attempt to understand communications in the world outside the USA comes this amusing analysis of Hoffman…

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Six Apart raw deal for European customers

Six Apart appears to be giving a raw deal to European customers. On March 30 Loic Le Meur, Six Apart European VP, blogged about Typepad’s new Widgets. What he didn’t say and I subsequently found out from customer support is…

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Press releases are not dead

Jeremy Pepper comments on an interesting article from InformationWeek that reports that press news releases have overtaken trade press as sources of news for knowledge workers. Technorati : InformationWeek, Jeremy Pepper, PR, news release, press release, public relations

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How to write a feature article

Charles Arthur of The Guardian has an excellent article on his blog that should be compulsory reading for any PR tasked with ghost writing a by-lined article on behalf of a client. Technorati : Charles Arthur, PR, The Guardian, public…

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Baker & McKenzie Boing Boing update

Lawyers at Baker & McKenzie might have acted like a bull in a china shop but at least they are now trying to understand. The logs of a client blog (Softalk’s Let’s talk business) show that Baker & McKenzie are…

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World Cup lawyers go Boing Boing

What have Baker & McKenzie LLP and King Canute got in common? They both tried to turn back the tide. But contrary to popular belief King Canute tried to do so only to demonstrate that even a king’s powers have…

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What government ministers really do during radio interviews

Tom Watson, the UK’s first blogging MP and now a junior defence minister (apt for an ex-AEEU wonk), has an amusing real-life story about what really happens when government ministers are being interviewed on the radio. Contrary to popular media…

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