Print is still favourite for business readers

B2B Marketing reports on research that shows print trade magazines still lead the way as the preferred choice of reading for UK business decision makers, ahead of on-line publications. A survey of 250 UK business decision makers revealed that 92 per cent view printed magazines to be as relevant as ever and will continue to be the primary way they consume industry news. Three quarters still derive enjoyment from printed magazines with just one fifth reading on-line business magazines.

So that’s it then, let’s all give up on using these new fangled on-line PR tactics.

Except the research was conducted by Royal Mail and the questionnaire appeared only in printed trade magazines. A bit of a self-selecting sample by a company that depends on delivering print magazines for a large slice of its revenue.

It is worth pointing out that I’m reading the print edition of B2B Marketing.

Disclosure: In the late 90s I did consultancy for Royal Mail to write several communications strategies including one for its publishing division. One of the issues we tackled was future competition from the internet.

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