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Just had my invitation to create a new Vox blog. Vox is Sixapart’s new hosted blog which it says is “designed for personal use – it emphasizes simplicity, privacy and building community with family and friends” while “Typepad is designed to provide passionate bloggers, professionals and businesses the power, customization and control they need to build great-looking ad-free blogs”.

Unfortunately it gets off to a bad start. Internet Explorer is still the most popular browser for most people – especially who aren’t geeks or associated with technology professionally. And Vox doesn’t work in IE7. This is what I get when I try to upload my photo:


Works fine in Firefox and I don’t have IE6 on this PC so can’t test it. Before all the Firefox geeks start having a go at Microsoft and starting waffling on about standards try and remember that it’s what people use that is more important.

If Vox is going to be targeted at individuals then Sixapart need to get this fixed before IE7 comes out (later this year?)

About 30% of visitors to this site use Firefox, in contrast just 8% of visitors to my political blog use it. My wife’s blog, which is mainly about community issues in the town where we live, has just 3% using Firefox.

The figures are:

A PR Guru’s Musings: IE6 54%, Firefox 30%, Safari 4%, IE7 3%

Stuart’s Soapbox IE6 74%, Firefox 8%, Safari 3%

Karen Bruce IE6 91%, Firefox 3%, Safari 3%

This was meant to be a post on Vox but accidentally turned into a rant against Firefox. My Vox comments will follow.

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