New digital magazine for accountants

I wonder what my two favourite blogging accountants Stuart Jones and Dennis Howlett will make of the report in the UK Press Gazette that Accountancy Age is launching a digital magazine to engage young finance professionals.

Incidentally UK Press Gazette is still my favourite example of an old, traditional trade magazine that really gets new media. Check out the box that lets you save the story on, Digg it, and see Technorati links.

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  • Dennis Howlett

    This is what I think – I'm not blogging it.

  • Amanda Chapel

    What does Dennis Howlett have to do with PR?

  • Dennis Howlett

    Nothing to do with PR – but a lot to do with accounting hackery – which was Stuart's question.

  • Stuart Bruce – Wolfstar

    Surely an accounting journalist has a lot to do with PR – and I guessed he would be as dubious about the new offering as I am.

  • Dennis Howlett

    You're so right Stuart – I'm much more interested in spending time with my children and grand children to see what floats their respective boats than a claimed 20K readership (cough, splutter, guffaw) amoung wet behind the ears newly minted pros. Hey – maybe send 'em to my place so they get an advert free view of the world as it really is? Ahem ;)