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Getting more LinkedIn

Todd Defren has an interesting post about using his About Me link to direct people to his LinkedIn profile. Like Todd I run a PR firm and I think his idea has merit, although it works better for him than…

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Big PR agency v. small PR agency

Phil Gomes has posted his life story on his blog. Well actually it’s more of a quick round-up of his career and a reflection on his experiences in his first year at Edelman. The bit that had resonance with me…

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Fancy some event management experience?

Andrew and Nicky at Don’t Panic are looking for some reliable pairs of hands to help out at forthcoming events. It’s part-time and could suit event management or PR students. Andrew and Nicky are great people to work with, pop…

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Right-wing French political party wants its members to blog and podcast

Loic Le Meur reports that right-wing French political party UMP is encouraging its members to blog and podcast. It is offering free blogs to its members, and most importantly is also offering training. Loic reports that the move has attracted…

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Stories you might have missed

Been away for a couple of days so thought I’d share a couple of the more interesting bits from my feeds: James Richards let us know about RepuTrace, a new business that monitors blogs and discussion forums [sic] to “find…

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PR blogs get you jobs

The latest blogging PR student to get a job is the talented Leeds Metropolitan University student Alex Pullin. She is joining Drew B and the gang who write at Lewis 360.

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Quality, quality, quality

The Sunday Times in the UK has been running ‘How to win at business’, a series of articles by serial entrepreneur Duncan Bannatyne, one of the star’s of BBC Dragon’s Den. This week Duncan is talking about successful marketing. His…

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Have you talked about your job on your blog?

Andrew Brown and James Richards have both highlighted the fact that the TUC is asking people if they have mentioned their job in a blog. tags: TUC, blogs, jobs, work

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Lots of interest in Inigo

My weblogs reveal lots and lots of visitors from people who’ve been searching for “Inigo Wilson” including the BBC, Press Association, News International, Orange, Vodafone, Houses of Parliament, Amnesty International (!), The most interesting one is the Standards Board. Interesting…

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Inigo Wilson – not freedom of speech but inability to do his job

The Inigo Wilson affair is continuing to attract a lot of attention from both the blogosphere and mainstream media. It’s also doing a good job of highlighting that the wisdom of the crowds isn’t all it’s cracked up to be….

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