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Defra wiki to develop new environmental contract

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs which is already at the forefront of social media with cabinet minister David Miliband’s blog has now started a wiki to help develop an environmental contract. No time to comment further as…

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Orange PR blogger row grows

My Inigo Wilson post has triggered a huge response. It’s revealing that most of those repeating Wilson’s more offensive views have done so via email, rather than in the comments. Just for clarity I have not deleted any comments that…

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Update on Orange PR blogger

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PR blogger suspended by Orange

Inigo Wilson, community affairs manager for mobile phone company Orange, has written a lengthy racist article on ConservativeHome, one of the UK’s top political blogs. The article which is meant to be a humorous ‘Lefty Lexicon’ includes such includes definitions…

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Miliband’s blog and edemocracy

Simon Dickson has been chatting to the ‘Valiant Official’ who looks after Cabinet minister David Miliband’s blog. It confirms what I’ve already said which is that the blog is very much David’s thing and that he is writing the blog…

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Second Life for business?

Steve Rubel has posted an informative and lengthy analysis of Second Life and its importance to professional communicators. In a nutshell Steve is saying it isn’t as big as the hype, but you still need to know about it. That…

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Proud of PR

One benefit of giving academics a long summer break is that it gives them time to think and write fantastic articles like this one by Richard Bailey who is Proud of PR. Inspired by Richard I think we should all…

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First plug-ins for Windows Live Writer

The developer community has already produced the first plug-ins for Microsoft Windows Live Writer. The first one that I’ve installed provides tags for Technorati,, Flickr, IceRocket, Buzznet, 43 Things, LiveJournal and custom. The others are Flickr4Writer to browse and…

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New BT broadband office blog

BT is the latest corporate to start blogging. And it doesn’t look half bad. It has comments, trackbacks, Technorati tags, a team of named authors and a great set of house rules. It also has an impressive set of ‘Geek…

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