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Thinking of buying an Epson printer?

Thinking of buying an Epson printer and looking for good customer reviews? Don’t do it. Read this story from PC Pro instead and ask yourself is Epson a company that you would want to do business with. Epson should learn…

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Labour Party competition to blog conference

In the US the Democrats have been giving press accreditation to independent bloggers since 2004. Despite this report saying that UK parties “would consider it” I don’t think any of them actually have. I made the suggestion earlier this year…

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On Vox: Do you want to be my Vox neighbour?

My Vox blog is pretty sad at the moment as I don’t have any neighbours so if you want to try it out then drop me an email/IM or leave a comment and I can send you an invite (well…

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On Vox: First test of Vox

This is my first test post on my new Sixapart Vox account. One of the features is that you can connect it to an existing Typepad account and then cross-post and excerpt. Looking at the tabs available it appears that…

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First look at Vox

Just had my invitation to create a new Vox blog. Vox is Sixapart’s new hosted blog which it says is “designed for personal use – it emphasizes simplicity, privacy and building community with family and friends” while “Typepad is designed…

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Cold in Leeds in August

Thanks to The Register for alerting me to the fact I need to wear my woolly jumper today as the BBC forecasts temperatures will plummet to 3°C. Technorati : BBC, Leeds, The Register

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New digital magazine for accountants

I wonder what my two favourite blogging accountants Stuart Jones and Dennis Howlett will make of the report in the UK Press Gazette that Accountancy Age is launching a digital magazine to engage young finance professionals. Incidentally UK Press Gazette…

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Just what is a great PR company?

Sorry if this blog appears to becoming a bit of an Andrew Smith love-in, but at the moment he just appears to be thinking about the same things I am and putting forward to some really good insights on customer…

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Is drug dealing a good business model?

Is drug dealing a good business model? You wouldn’t think until you read this on and then figure that just maybe we could all learn something from the drug barons. 1) Deals need to be sealed in person; (2)…

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Wonderful Wikipedia – not

You don’t have to like something to understand that it is important and you can’t ignore it. That’s me with Wikipedia. I dislike it, but understand that it does matter. And that’s why I loved this video. Hat-tip Jim Horton….

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