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The value of PR qualifications

This started as a brief comment to respond to Todd Defren’s thoughts on accreditation for PR practitioners, but it became rather lengthy for a comment so here it is as a longer post. I understand Todd’s points, but I’m not…

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Sir Tim Berners-Lee pops Web 2.0 bubble

PC Pro reports that Sir Tim Berners-Lee has debunked the hype around Web 2.0 by insisting that what it purports to be is exactly what he intended the web to be when he first conceived it. And so say I.

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Guardian leader admits journalists must share the blame for spin

Today’s Guardian has a surprisingly thoughtful leader on yesterday’s Conservative Party story about the increase in spending on ‘government spin’. In a balanced leader it starts by saying “There are large dollops of, er, spin in the Conservative claim….” It…

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Freeserve founder back to launch privacy browser

The Yorkshire Post has a story about Freeserve founder Ajaz Ahmed’s latest venture which is “a new internet browser which allows users to surf the web without leaving a history of websites visited and protects against leaving personal details on…

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TechCrunch UK gets the story – 17 days late

I’m still not sure what to make of the new TechCrunch UK and hope it is just a case of Sam Sethi trying to find his feet and it will start to break news. The latest post about BT Business…

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More proof that the media spin

Today’s Daily Telegraph has a story about the growth in the number and spend on what it calls ‘government spin’. Comment from Philip Young and Ian Green, but my favourite is from Simon Dickson. My take on it is that…

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But will Wallace & Gromit read it?

I keep meaning to update my blogroll and one of the blogs that I’ll be adding is Green Gathering by Ian Green of Green PR (also based in Wakefield). Ian has just announced that he’s launched a new corporate blog…

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New Statesman on blogs and business

New Statesman has a rather weak cover story on Bloggers for hire about the relationships between blogs, bloggers and business. tags: blogs, business, New+Statesman

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CIPR’s elected officers must clarify policy

Colin Farrington has been at it again with his latest comments on blogs – he doesn’t tackle any other forms of social media, but perhaps that’s a good thing! I won’t rehash the arguments about why Colin has got it…

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Adweek reports that has pulled out of the Subway pitch. I guess that means the jury will remain out on whether or not its YouTube video was a hit or a miss. I still think fantastic idea, but woefully…

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