Freelance journo Amber is on the warpath

My PhotoFreelance journalist Amber McNaught is on the warpath against that minority of PRs who appear to have no concept of what journalists need.

Shame I only discovered her blog today, as it would have been a good Edinburgh example to show at yesterday’s New PR conference.

Thanks to Ian Green for the link.

This is an example of the gift economy that Elizabeth Albrycht talks about – Ian is a director of a local Wakefield PR agency which strictly speaking is a competitor of my consultancy BMA PR. We are unlikely to link to them off our main website, but social media is different and Ian writes a cracking blog.

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  • IanJGreen

    Hey Big Man,

    Thanks for that – I'm more than happy to link to you. Professionally and unprofessionally – there just done it (check out A lot of what Amber said was justified although I think I upset her. What can I say – I editorialise sometimes for the cause. Anyway I have apologised.
    But you do make a good point about blogging – there is often not enough rigour about what is written, enough intellectual thought about the content and the point you are trying to make.
    Like emails sent in anger they are instantly regretted the moment you hit the send button. We've all regretted it of course – but it's already out there and the damage done.
    Blogging is a bit like that as we have seen with some of the corporates we are managing.

  • Linda

    Hi Stuart, I'm so sorry, I feel terrible now. I've read your blog no kidding for years and here I am causing a row. Amber if you are reading this, you write beaitifully (unlike some of us,) there is nothing wrong with a bit of debate!

  • Linda

    Beautifuly even, I have been on a night out with The Badger.

  • Linda

    Yes yes beautifully has two ls.

  • Dennis Howlett

    Ummm — minority of PRs? What green and pleasant land have you been living in?

  • Rob Artisan

    PRs should have some notion of what a journalist requires: good English and a newsworthy story for a start sent before deadline.

    And one annoyance journalists can do without that wasn't mentioned: the patronising ring round.

    Simple, easy and to the point. But I have to say we all need to be reminded of the basics. Many PR people do not have the imagination to think from the journalists' viewpoint – including myself albeit on very very rare occassions