Terapad – new blog platform looks good

Terapad.com LogoIs the blogging market big enough for another new entrant? If it’s as good as Terapad.com appears to be then there might be.

I’ve only just signed up for the 30 day free trial, but first impressions are favourable (or should I say favorable as I think it’s a UK company angling its pitch for the US market).

What I like:

  • Easy to sign up and doesn’t require a credit card for the free trial (I hate those as I always forget to cancel)
  • Initial templates are actually attractive, although obviously will look like templates as everyone uses them
  • Appears to be very feature rich, although I haven’t had time to study them all yet

What I don’t like:

  • Terrible launch press release, these guys apparently don’t have a budget for professional public relations support
  • “Once your free trial runs out, your site will be deleted.” Unless you get a massive time window to ‘reclaim/pay’ then this is terrible – far better to lock it for 90 days so you can’t edit it or add posts.
  • Pitching just to the USA – it’s right for UK tech companies to look to the US first (much bigger market), but I feel Terapad needs to give a bit more of a nod to the UK.
  • No integration with FeedBurner (particularly bad as they make it so easy to use Google Analytics for visits its a shame you can’t do the same for your feed)

Some of Terapad’s rich features include:

  • Customise author access rights to each module of the admin system
  • Edit WYSWIG CSS for your design
  • Lots of integration built-in e.g. del.icio.us, Google Analytics, Flickr, Digg etc
  • Easy to add extra lines of code to integrate with other services
  • Sidebar containers for widgets etc (just three to start with but a proper container management system coming soon)
  • Standard web pages as well as a blog
  • Forums – including forums with a blog is an interesting twist as I’m often asked about the comparative merits of each (which I expand into a full post if anyone is interested)
  • Shop using PayPal Premier or a business account
  • Events calendar

It looks good and if I didn’t already have a Typepad Professional account (which allows multiple blogs) then I’d give Terapad a go for a new personal blog I’m about to start. As it is I’m probably going to be too tight to be pay the $18.

Stuart Bruce

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