Why can’t Web 2.0 companies just say what they do

My StatCounter is showing some incoming links from Trailfire. Not being familiar with it I hop on over to find out more. And I’m met with a series of inane statements that don’t really tell me what it does or why I will benefit from using it. The home page should tell me that much, but even clicking on the learn more link is no more enlightening.

Now I’m a busy person – but probably no busier than the rest of you – and I don’t have time to spend more than a minute or two figuring out if Trailfire is going to be useful, when I already have a 101 other web 2.0 ‘sharing’ tools competing for my limited attention span.

I suspect it might have something useful as looking at the link it is Todd Defren who is using it. But why can’t they just tell me why I should try it?

Stuart Bruce

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