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This is why PR sucks

Well actually I think public relations is great, but this little exchange between London PUBLICISTS is a good example of what why the profession/industry has such a lousy reputation. Who the **** are these people? Does anyone outside a little…

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B2B publishers embrace online

UK Press Gazette has a great article on how B2B media is adapting to the increasing dominance of the internet. It covers VNU’s in-house studios which include a live event room, a studio for product reviews, a studio for white…

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Can the law cope with libel online?

CIPR’s Profile Extra has an interesting article on libel online. Jo Sanders highlights a recent case where a court ordered Tracey Williams to pay £10,000 for falsely alleging that former United Kingdom Independence Party parliamentary candidate Michael Keith-Smith was a…

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Shout out why you are Proud of PR

If you’re a young PR professional who is proud of PR then now is the time to make your voice heard. Head of over to the Forward blog and answer the call to record your “short and sweet message about…

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London law firm doesn’t launch blog

I have a confession to make. I’ve committed the cardinal sin of not checking my sources. Yesterday, I reported on a Legal Week news story about city law firm Watson Farley & Williams starting a blog for its trainees. Except…

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The tetchy chamberlain, part II

David Brain, president and CEO of Edelman Europe, has just posted a copy of a snail mail letter (PDF) from Colin Farrington, director general of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations. David’s entitled his post ‘The Tetchy Emperor Part II’,…

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Using social media for PR

I’m spending some time at the moment experimenting with different social media tools and looking at how we can use them to enhance our client’s PR programmes. The first ‘experiment’ that’s gone live is to use a RSS feed…

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London law firm launches trainee blog

Legal Week reports that London law firm Watson Farley & Williams “has launched the most fashionable law firm marketing initiative to date, by getting its trainees to write a weekly ‘weblog’ on the firm’s website.” It’s a similar idea to…

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Why can’t Web 2.0 companies just say what they do

My StatCounter is showing some incoming links from Trailfire. Not being familiar with it I hop on over to find out more. And I’m met with a series of inane statements that don’t really tell me what it does or…

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FeedBurner hiring a marketing junior

FeedBurner is looking for a ‘junior to mid-level’ marketing person to work in its Chicago HQ and report to the Director of Marketing. tags: FeedBurner, marketing

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