CIPR blog workshop

Tonight I’m meeting up with Richard Bailey, Simon Collister and Andrew and Nicky Wake to deliver a workshop entitled Blogs and the New PR: the next big thing or a pain the RSS.

We’re using one of the computer labs at Leeds Metropolitan University so everyone will be able be to get blogging on their own computer.

To help the process I’ve created a series of links here.


About Stuart Bruce

International communications consultant and PR trainer specialising in online public affairs, digital corporate communications, online PR and social media; frequent national media commentator and conference speaker.
  • Sam Oakley

    Hope it goes well, I'd have liked to be there.


  • My Weblog
  • My Weblog

    Love or hate packaging?

    Packaging is everywhere! We experience examples of good and bad packaging every day of our lives! We grumble about the problems we have with it! We get childish pleasure from new playful features. But most of our experinces are unvoiced

  • Things that make me go hmm

    How many handbags is normal?

    I think I need a new handbag and am about to put a case to my husband.

  • What’s The Fuss?

    First step to blogging – a workshop

    So I’m here at the CIPR Blogging Workshop and creating my own blog. I’m creating my first permalink and actually getting quite enthusiastic about the whole thing.

  • Amazing Things To Do Before You Die

    Starting my blog

    Well, starting a blog – a definate to do – but not all that amazing. Sorry – bear with me – I’m just learning how to blog at a CIPR workshop in Leeds run by expert blogger Stuart Bruce. So

  • Anita Morris Associates

    CIPR blogging workshop

    I am currently in a CIPR workshop where Stuart Bruce teaching us how to blog…all very exciting!

  • In Off The Post

    CIPR blogging workshop in Leeds – 19/10/2006

    I’m currently attending a CIPR workshop on blogging with Stuart Bruce. It’s very interesting to find out all about the blogosphere, but there are quite a few people on the course so its going quite slowly at the moment!

  • Kate Kilday


    I attended your workshop last night with Chloe Chaplin. I wanted to say thanks for giving me a kick up the behind; I have now started blogging on the Blogger account I set up almost a year ago!!

    Thanks again, thoroughly enjoyed the evening!