Internet Explorer 7 is available now

Today Microsoft released Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP. Having left IE6 for Firefox I’m now back and am a total convert. Unless you’re a developer or very techy then Internet Explorer 7 totally obliterates Firefox.

The killer feature is of course RSS, sensibly just called feeds. The other major new usability benefit is tabs – which are implemented so much sweeter and neater than Firefox.

RSS feeds in the world’s most popular browser will revolutionise their popularity and uptake. The term RSS will be consigned to the dustbin as normal consumers embrace feeds.

If your website doesn’t use feeds then sort it – now. And if you haven’t already checked that it works with IE7 then tough, you’ve got urgent work to do.

Download it here, or wait until it is pushed your way via Windows automatic update.

IE7 rocks!


Stuart Bruce

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