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Internet Explorer 7 is available now

Today Microsoft released Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP. Having left IE6 for Firefox I’m now back and am a total convert. Unless you’re a developer or very techy then Internet Explorer 7 totally obliterates Firefox. The killer feature is…

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20 tips to survive the workplace

Guy Browning provides 20 tips to surviving life in the workplace including biodegradable email. Disclaimer: follow his advice at your own peril Technorati tags: email, workplace, The Guardian, work, office

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Edelman apologises

Not much more needs to be said. Richard Edelman apologises for the mistake. Steve Rubel explains it takes time for processes to work. More or less what I said earlier today. At least one PR blogger recognised the value of…

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Water of life

It’s not often, if ever, that you feel jealous of another PR company winning an account. But Ian Green and Green Communications have managed it. Their latest win is the The Ladybank Company of Distillers and I’m jealous. Not only…

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PR bloggers should give Edelman a break

There has been lots and lots of chatter about the Wal-Marting Across America blog. You’d expect criticism from the hard core blogosphere, but I do think some of the PR blogs have been just a bit too critical. Edelman goofed….

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Insider’s blog to life in Westminster

Looking for an insider’s take on life as a researcher for an MP? Then you could do worse than check out The British Bullshit Foundation.

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FT reports sharp growth in online marketing

Today’s Financial Times reports sharp growth in online marketing. The latest IPA Bellwether quarterly survey of marketing spend shows internet and direct mail both up, with mainstream advertising down. Technorati tags: Financial Times, marketing, internet, advertising

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Too many UK politicians still don’t get it

The Ulster Unionists aren’t usually considered to be at the cutting edge of anything positive, but in this case they are showing all the other parties how to do it. The Ulster Unionists are blogging the Northern Ireland peace talks…

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UK politics and social media

Social media is now becoming a much bigger deal for UK politicians and parties. The latest to hit the headlines is Birmingham MP Sion Simon who has recorded a rather funny (in my humble opinion) spoof YouTube video of Dave…

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Keep Freedom of Information requests free

Fleet Street 2.0, a UK Press Gazette blog, highlights the cross-party Early Day Motion against the government’s plans to introduce fees for Freedom of Information requests. Steve Wood has more information at the UK Freedom of Information Act Blog. The…

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