PR bloggers should give Edelman a break

There has been lots and lots of chatter about the Wal-Marting Across America blog. You’d expect criticism from the hard core blogosphere, but I do think some of the PR blogs have been just a bit too critical.

Edelman goofed. They made a mistake. Get over it. Who hasn’t ever made a professional mistake? I have – quite a few of them. But I’ve had a whole lot more great successes and even more where something has just gone OK and worked. And if it wasn’t from the fact I’d learnt from my mistakes then I’d never have achieved my successes.

Edelman made a mistake. Knowing all the great social media people they’ve recruited in the last 12 months then I’m sure they have learnt from it. It’s harder for a big firm like Edelman to respond, but I’m sure it is something they are looking at.

Why can’t we praise Edelman for being at the forefront of how the PR profession is changing, and praise it for not being afraid to take risks and occasionally make mistakes?


Stuart Bruce

International Public Relations Adviser | Trainer | Author | Media Commentator | Conference Speaker | University Lecturer | Online PR | Digital Corporate Communications | Crisis Communications | Digital Public Affairs