Experts who aren’t

Shel Holtz (a guy who really does know about business podcasting) tells of sitting in the audience at a business conference listening to a so called expert demonstrate a total lack of basic podcasting skills let alone expertise in business podcasts.

Sadly this is an all too common experience. I was chatting to a prospect the other day who had been told by a senior director at a big PR company that he should “start a company blog, and don’t worry about negative comments because the software lets you censor them.”

When I countered that it perhaps wasn’t the best approach I was told: “Ah, but he works for _Big_Name_PR_firm_ and is an expert, I heard him speaking at a conference.”

UPDATE: Josh Hallett just reminded me of something I say in most of my conference presentations or when I run social media training workshops.

“Nobody is an expert in social media, they’re just a year ahead of everybody else on the learning curve”

He reminded me that it was Jeremy Pepper who originally said it. 

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