Rip-off Britain strikes again

First of all let me say that Marriott is the only big global hotel chain that I like. Compared to say Hilton you get consistently good service, nice rooms, OK food etc. Last week I spent a couple of days in the Marriott Regents Park for the Delivering the New PR conference and it was great.

Apart from the £15 for 24 hour wifi access. How come I can stay in small, boutique hotels which also offer fantastic service, rooms and food at half the price and get free wifi?

Admittedly it’s not Marriott directly that are ripping me off, it’s iBahn. But it’s still Marriott’s fault for getting locked into such a dumb contract (I’m giving Marriott the benefit of the doubt and guessing this is the reason).

This morning Shel Holtz blogged about paying $12.95 a day for wifi at a Marriott and being spammed by adware that polluted every website.

Yes that was $12.95 or GBP £6.93 at current exchange rates. Rip-off Britain strikes again.

I wouldn’t mind paying for wifi if it was sold in a fair way. Paying for access for a certain length of time just doesn’t fit with how most people use wifi. At the Marriott I probably only used it for about four or five hours, so had about 20 hours I hadn’t used. Could I use the hours I’d paid for the following day. Could I hell because iBahn is a rip-off merchant.

Shel’s tale is even worse and is worth a read.


Stuart Bruce

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