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Wife’s new and old media revenge

I often tell clients that an effective way to drive traffic to your new media offerings is to use tried and trusted old media such as media relations, advertising and direct mail. That might be why a scorned wife used…

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PR Week: 2006 the year in review

PR Week’s Robert Gray has an interesting round-up (paywall) of some of the year’s public relations events and landmarks. The article includes a significant amount about new and social media, in my humble opinion probably a bit more than it…

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UK Press Gazette is alive

Great news, UK Press Gazette is back. Its new owner is specialist business publisher Wilmington. Technorati tags: Press Gazette, PR, public relations, journalism

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Official London 2012 Olympic blog

Just came across the London 2012: Work in Progress blog. It only started on November 21 and is an official team blog from the London 2012 Olympic leadership team. The description says: This site will act as a blog for…

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Threshers is the emperor with no clothes

I’ve been reading (and even watching on TV) about the Threshers 40% off viral offer. And I’m distinctly unimpressed. Frankly I’m surprised that so many usually intelligent commentators have been taken in by this and I sincerely hope this doesn’t…

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Tom Murphy’s celebrity lookalikes

Microsoft’s Tom ‘the New PR’ Murphy as you’ve never seen him before… and it was all for charity. Well done.

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Turn your blog into a book

If you act quickly you can get a free voucher to turn your blog into a professionally printed book. The first 250 Typepad customers to register and download the Blurb software get a voucher to print the first book for…

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UK MPs Google map

Simon Dickson has created a great mash-up of UK MPs using Google maps and As Simon says one of the most impressive things about this is how quick and easy it was for him to do this – compared…

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Strategy boutique on FTFM Radio

EXCLUSIVE. You read it here second. The best ever… PR/marketing new business pitch you’ve ever heard. Guaranteed. From The Register’s RTFM Radio via Andrew B Smith at Object Towers. Technorati tags: PR, public relations, business, The Register, RTFM

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