Threshers is the emperor with no clothes

I’ve been reading (and even watching on TV) about the Threshers 40% off viral offer. And I’m distinctly unimpressed. Frankly I’m surprised that so many usually intelligent commentators have been taken in by this and I sincerely hope this doesn’t get used as a successful social media marketing case study.

Lots of things about it bug me and these are only the ones that I can remember quickly (so probably irritate me the most):

1) Price discount promotions are very old hat and are a crude way of simply buying market share. It smacks of creatives who have run out of ideas and inspiration and have no faith whatsoever in their brand.

2) What does it say about the brand? Initially it says to me that it is cheap, but then I think about it and it actually says that it normally rips me off so much that it can afford to knock 40% off everything. If you don’t believe me, check the Threshers price and then try your local Tesco. Even with the discount many supermarkets can beat Threshers.

3) It’s not such a great offer anyway as it’s only 7% as Threshers appears to have a permanent 3 for 2 offer.

4) Points 2 and 3 together means Thresher is dishonest, not the sort of store you’d want to go to.

5) Where is the loyalty? Even if I’m suckered into using the 40% offer where is the incentive to return or develop a long term relationship with the store.

6) It was a mistake or a lie. Thresher’s spokesperson said: “”The initial email was to our suppliers and we did say it could be sent to friends and family,” said a spokesman, Dirk Kind.

All in all I don’t see this as a brilliant piece of creative PR or marketing.

My question is am I missing something? Lots of bloggers who I respect appear to think this is good. Why? Answers in the comments please.

p.s. I’m not reproducing the voucher – find it yourself. smile_wink

Stuart Bruce

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