Turn your blog into a book

If you act quickly you can get a free voucher to turn your blog into a professionally printed book. The first 250 Typepad customers to register and download the Blurb software get a voucher to print the first book for free. I just got mine. I’ll report back once I’ve played with the software and then again when I receive my book (assuming delivery to the UK isn’t too much as the site doesn’t tell you the cost).


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  • http://www.accmanpro.com Dennis Howlett

    Pity it's restricted to TypePad. Misses an opportunity to hit 2 million WP users + all those MT types

  • http://jeffreyharmon.net Jeffrey Harmon

    I am part of a start up company, and after reading your post on Blurb, I thought you might like to know about beta iMemoryBook as well. It is an online memory book system that we just released. Unlike blurb there is nothing to download because it is all Web 2.0 (drag and drop). Plus it is completely collaborative. You whole family can get together and create a book about Grandpa. Take a look at it. http://imemorybook.com/memory-book

    Next year we will be releasing a import feature that works for:

    Blogs, MS Word, and even Online Obituaries

    Happy Christmas,

    Jeff Harmon
    Team iMemoryBook