Wife’s new and old media revenge

I often tell clients that an effective way to drive traffic to your new media offerings is to use tried and trusted old media such as media relations, advertising and direct mail.

That might be why a scorned wife used a £2,500 billboard advert to expose her husband’s affair with her best friend.

To my ‘dear husband Mark’ and ‘my best friend Shelley’,

You are the most despicable, deceitful people I have ever met. I know what you did and I’m disgusted.

I’ve changed the locks Mark, burnt your clothes and emptied OUR joint account – to pay for this poster.

You deserve each other.

The billboard is in Birmingham city centre and within hours of it appearing the MySpace site was inundated with supportive comments. Interestingly the first MySpace friend listed is BRMB’s Elliott and Caroline.

However, BRMB’s involvement might mean that this is not all that it seems. The station is accomplished at creating controversial publicity for itself, such as its ‘Two strangers and a wedding’ stunts. 


Stuart Bruce

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