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Some PRs get social media

Just seen this on Martin Lewis’ MoneySavingExpert blog: Any financial services PRs watching? If so, there’s a man you can learn from! This isn’t my first mention of Ian, the head of public relations for Barclaycard, here. Then again that’s…

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Bill Gates’ soft interview on BBC news

Did you catch last night’s sycophantic interview of Bill Gates by Huw Edwards’? Most of it was pretty good and clearly designed to let non-techy folk know what all the fuss about Vista really meant. I was pleased when Huw…

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Robert Scoble wants some link love

Robert wants more link love, so I’m happy to oblige. Unfortunately, I think one of the problems is Robert’s video – it’s 40+ minutes. I’m sorry, but there is no way that fits into my working life or personal life….

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Citebite listens and acts

I looked at Citebite a while ago and thought it great, but useless for me as I prefer IE7 to Firefox and its bookmarklet didn’t work with IE7. I said so in a comment on Ian Delaney’s Twopointouch blog. Ian…

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Wikipedia to liaise with ‘big companies’ reports that Microsoft is to pay a blogger to make factual corrections to Wikipedia entries about its Open XML document standard. However, the bit that I found alarming was a quote tucked away at the end of the article:…

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Am I an ideas manager?

PR lecturer Richard Bailey, who writes the wonderfully thoughtful PR Studies blog, has been thinking about a simple phrase that describes what is involved in public relations. Ideas management. I think he could be on to something. Technorati tags: PR,…

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Edelman Trust Barometer

Work commitments meant that I didn’t have time to blog about attending yesterday’s launch of the Edelman Trust Barometer. I feel slightly shamed as other bloggers who attended have already commented, such as David Brain, Ian Delaney, Iain Dale and…

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My final word on social media kerfuffle

A couple of great posts have prompted me to make one final post on the latest social media and PR kerfuffle. First of all the ever wise Tom Murphy brings a dose of reality and common sense by saying “Now…

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Joost invites

I’m not the only one asking for a Joost beta invite – so is Chris Green who says “I desperately need a Joost beta invite” and Drew B who points out that Sam Sethi has had a First look at…

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Scoble -10, Parmet 1

Best post to date on the social media news release squabble is David Parmet who correctly points out that most of the critics are Missing the mark. Which brings us neatly to Robert Scoble, who misses it more than most….

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