Bill Gates’ soft interview on BBC news

Did you catch last night’s sycophantic interview of Bill Gates by Huw Edwards’? Most of it was pretty good and clearly designed to let non-techy folk know what all the fuss about Vista really meant.

I was pleased when Huw asked the burning question of why UK customers are paying more than US customer. Bill surprisingly appeared to unbriefed on this issue, although I’d be astounded that it wasn’t one of the Q&As prepared by the PR team, but equally it would be surprising if an experienced operator like Bill would forget his message. Curious.

Bill just waffled on about keeping prices inline from country to country, but exchange rates fluctuate so there may be minor differences. Huw clearly had him on the ropes, so I waited for Huw to say “The price in the UK is about twice what it is in the UK, and exchange rates haven’t been that low for about 20 years. So now tell us truth.”

Unfortunately Huw just let Bill off the hook.

If I was in charge of BBC news or Microsoft PR then I’d be kicking some butts this morning. Both sides appear to have performed abysmally.

Stuart Bruce

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