Bloggerheads lays into Guido

Tim Ireland, an honest and truthful gent, lays into Guido Fawkes, a nasty, little shit (apologies for the foul language, but this is one of the rare cases it is justified).

It’s about time that people started exposing Guido (or Paul Staines, except he is too cowardly to come out) for the scumbag that he really is.

Paul Staines’ purpose in life is entirely destructive and serves no useful purpose whatsoever. He’s not even funny, simply nasty.

Tim is right to call time on Staines and correctly points out that Staines’ isn’t a proper blogger and isn’t political.

If you want to read an intelligent, funny right wing blog then head over to Iain Dale’s Diary. I disagree fundamentally with Iain’s political outlook, but I do share one thing with him – we both believe in trying to make the world a better place and putting more into society than we take out.

It’s just that my politics work, and his don’t smile_wink

Stuart Bruce

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