Blog/web content management system Terapad is now free

Last September I had a play with Terapad, a new blog platform that also offers a host of integrated extras that none of the other systems do.

I didn’t have much time to play with it as I never find 30 day trials enough to be of any use as they always expire before I’ve had time to do anything.

My initial impressions were favourable as Terapad looked powerful, feature-rich and easy to use. My two concerns at the time were cost and security. It was expensive compared to the competition (although none of them offered as much). Secondly, I would have concerns about hosting a commercial site on a proprietary system from a small company – you always have to consider the worst.

However, an email from Terapad founder Stephen Tual informs me that Terapad is now free (supported by AdSense adverts). This changes the entire dynamics for me and I think potentially makes Terapad an ideal platform for community and activist type groups such as local politicians, resident associations, local charities, pressure groups etc.

I’ll try to make some time to have a proper play with it and report back when I’ve done so – or you can follow the action here.


Stuart Bruce

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