Joost invites

I’m not the only one asking for a Joost beta invite – so is Chris Green who says “I desperately need a Joost beta invite” and Drew B who points out that Sam Sethi has had a First look at Joost (not by me).

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  • Ian Delaney

    Add me to the list, Stuart. Given the lack of coverage, it seems this is a *very* limited test.

  • Chris Green

    Tell me about it – these things are proving to be rarer that hens teeth and Gmail invited in the early days of that 'beta'.

  • Guy


    Yeh its quite a phenomenon. We need something like used to be. Though I imagine free internet TV is worth a little more than free email.

    Btw. If anyone is reading this and they have an invite, send it my way please. ratinakage at gmail dot com.

    Love you!

  • leslie

    my email is
    and i ould liek a joost invite

  • leslie

    my email is and i ould like an invite

  • stef757

    me too my email address is

  • Joe


    Please!!! If you have a invite send it to!!! please I need one!!!

    Thanks if someone sends one.

  • michi

    please send me an invite too, thanx a lot!
    greetz from innsbruck, austria

  • MattH

    if anyone has an extra invite, send it my way at

  • Harry Solsem

    Just in case anyone should have one invite and no-one to give it to.
    me me me me me me please ;-)

  • Michael

    Looking for an invite also.


  • Mihai Marinescu

    I really like to have an invite to see how joost works.


  • CharlesV

    I'd love one too: charlesv at gmail dot com

  • gary

    if anyone would be so kinda as to send me a joost invite for a classroom learning excersise it would very much be appriciated thanks

  • ver2

    I would like a joost invite too!!

  • TJ

    If given an invite… I will return any other invites I get back to this forum!!!


  • leslie

    my email is

    and i ould liek a joost invite