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Yorkshire is blogging capital of UK

More than a quarter of UK internet users now write an online blog, according to the Blogging Britain research report commissioned by MSN Spaces. And Yorkshire is the blogging capital of the UK, with more than a third (35%) of…

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Seth Godin on politics

“The challenge of being a politician, whether you’re national or in a tiny village, is the same—to exceed expectations in the most intense interactions you have each day.” Seth Godin Technorati tags: Seth Godin, politics

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Journalists are PR schmucks, bloggers cut the hype

As if. Some bloggers might like to think they take the moral high ground and can’t be manipulated by spinning PR types, but in reality it’s same old, same old. Duncan Reily has this interesting little story about how UK-based…

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Swedish Foreign Minister blogs

Thanks to Iain Dale for the news that Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt is blogging. He appears to be doing so in a personal capacity, rather than as a minister, as he is using He actually started his blog…

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New free city centre paper for Leeds

Press Gazette reports that Johnston Press is launching City Lite, a free new weekly paper targeted at young professionals in Leeds city centre. The first edition is out on Friday – which I guess means it’s all going to be…

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Power in cars

IT Week’s Lem Bingley shares my frustration about the lack of power sockets in cars. Ideally I’d like to plug in my Bluetooth GPS unit, my ancient Tungsten T PDA (pressed back into service as a dedicated sat nav using…

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2006 was a good year, sort of

Ian Green and Simon Collister, both of Wakefield-based GREEN Communications, have both written about new research on the perilous state of the PR industry. The research. by industry analysts Plimsoll, says that 23% of PR agencies price below cost and…

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Twitter here, Twitter there

I’m doing some research for a new PR and social media project, which if it all comes together you should definitely notice as it will be pretty high profile stuff. One idea involves using Twitter, which requires me to play…

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Bingley bites the hand that bites IT

IT Week journalist Lem Bingley isn’t afraid to bite the hand that bites IT. On his blog he asks if The Register has permission from the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry to use the business name The Register….

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Blog/web content management system Terapad is now free

Last September I had a play with Terapad, a new blog platform that also offers a host of integrated extras that none of the other systems do. I didn’t have much time to play with it as I never find…

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