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Joost arrives

Well I now have my Joost invite and it’s installed on my PC and I’m left wondering. The technology looks as if it could be great, but the content is so weak you have no incentive to explore the technology….

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Friction.TV wants your opinion

Thanks to Tom Murphy for the tip off about Friction.TV. The idea is that you upload your video giving your opinion on a particular issue and then invite debate and contributions. Topic areas include politics, education, environment, business, health, society,…

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Road pricing petition driven by Daily Mail

Simon Dickson points to some great analysis by Hitwise’s Heather Hopkins of the traffic (and therefore the signatures) to the e-petition on road charging. The Daily Mail is the fourth largest provider of traffic (behind Google, Hotmail and the No…

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John McCain’s campaign website misses the mark

Senator John McCain’s new website proudly proclaims its “A Departure From The Traditional Campaign Website” – you’re not kidding me. It looks like something Count Dracula would design for his kids. The influential Bivings Report says it reminds them of…

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Dilbert on PR – again

Technorati tags: PR, public relations, Dilbert

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A good way for trade unions to embrace social media?

Just had an email about this YouTube video where employees of Miller Brewing Company sing on YouTube to express their anger that CEO Norman Adami is freezing their pensions. Not very well implemented, but great idea and an example of…

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Euroblog 2007

Serge Cornelus emailed me last week to ask if I’d plug Euroblog 2007 in Ghent. Apologies Serge, but I’ve been really busy and it fell off my radar. Luckily Simon Collister is as slow as me and has just done…

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Manchester recreates city in Second Life

The Manchester Evening News reports that Manchester is set to open a virtual version of itself in Second Life. The aim is promote the Manchester ‘brand’ and raise awareness of the city in the real world. The move is a…

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How to get a business magazine to write about your company

The internet’s a wonderful thing. On Linkedin Answers James Cleverly, head of online sales for Real Business magazine, asked “What are the top ten business related blogs, ideally in the UK.” I made some suggestions and then realised it was…

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Alan Johnson campaign team announcement

Following last Friday’s comment on Iain Dale’s blog we’ve now released a statement about the launch of Alan Johnson’s campaign team. The campaign website is at Before you pop over there I need to warn you that it’s not…

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