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How Do launches in the North West

Several of the North West blogs I read have alerted me to How Do, a new online venture by Nick Jaspen (founder of Newsco publishers of the Insider series of business titles, and more recently the failed North West Enquirer)….

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PR Week Power Book regional breakdown

After reading David Brain’s quick analysis of what PR Week’s Power Book told us about what we all didn’t know about each other I thought it would be worthwhile doing a quick regional analysis. I’ve only looked at the north…

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PR Week is getting better, sort of

PR Week has been a much better read these last few weeks, than it has been for some years. However, there are bits of it I just don’t get. I mean what is Blog of the Day all about? Good…

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10 Downing Street petition to ban smoking while driving

Sign now – a petition urging the government to ban smoking while driving. This has been of my personal hobby horses for ages, so thanks to Heather Yaxley for pointing out this petition which already has 2000+ signatures. From a…

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Find your balls and start consulting

“It’s your clients that want to see copy…it’s not your fault..? Well find your balls and start consulting.” Amen. Thanks to The World’s Leading… Technorati tags: PR, public relations, business, media relations, journalism. consultancy

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Can I have a FlipStart PC PLEASE!

FlipStart PC looks fantastic. But like Tom Murphy there is little chance of me ever getting one, as the boss is far too sensible. Technorati tags: Tom Murphy, FlipStart

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Microsoft PR programme revealed

Wired reporter Fred Vogelstein has an amusing story about how Microsoft’s US PR agency Waggener Edstrom sent its pre-interview briefing document (PDF) – to Fred instead of the Microsoft exec who was going to be interviewed. It’s standard practice to…

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RSA conference on social impact of the web

The Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) is hosting a conference on “How can new internet technology empower us to interact with each other in novel ways”. Sounds interesting, not least because it’s free. You…

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Best of Britain Blog Awards

Dan Matthews at the Real Business blog is asking where are all the good UK business blogs. It seems that the Real Business blog has been shortlisted for the ‘Best of Brit Blog Awards’ run by and Metro. Dan…

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Blog demo for online PR course

Demo post to show how quickly you can create a new entry. If any friends are reading you could comment to show how that works. Perhaps Neville Hobson or Philip Young is reading this?

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