Ban Foie Gras?

Paul Blanchard, an entrepreneur and a Labour councillor in York, has asked me to promote his campaign to ban foie gras:

“Hi, would you do me a favour please? I’m trying to get foie gras banned; it’s liver of force-fed ducks and geese – a so-called ‘delicacy’. It’s inhumane – their liver expands to 10 times its natural size, they can’t walk, they can’t breathe properly – it’s basically torturing the poor birds just to produce this ‘luxury’ food. I’ve set up a website with an online petition to Tony Blair asking him to ban it – I would be grateful if you would not only sign it, but email your friends and ask them to sign it too. It goes without saying that the more signatures we get, the more likely a ban will be. Any queries, please do drop me a line. Many thanks, Paul.”

If you interested you can find out more at Paul’s site (be prepared for disturbing pictures and videos).

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