Blog demo for online PR course

Blue_hills Demo post to show how quickly you can create a new entry. If any friends are reading you could comment to show how that works. Perhaps Neville Hobson or Philip Young is reading this?

About Stuart Bruce

International communications consultant and PR trainer specialising in online public affairs, digital corporate communications, online PR and social media; frequent national media commentator and conference speaker.
  • Simon Dickson

    More than happy to oblige, Stuart – your post just popped up for me in Bloglines.

  • Neville Hobson

    Here's a comment, Stuart. How's the course going?

  • Simon Bisson

    And just to prove that journalists read PR blogs…

  • Philip

    I did, Stuart, but, unless it is a very long session, rather too late for your purposes. But I bet you were great, See you on Monday!