PR 2.0 is PR 1.0 – again

Brian Solis has an interesting post about what PR 2.0 is and isn’t. My view remains that this is an evolution, not a revolution. Brian is absolutely right to say that it isn’t just about Web 2.0. All the online stuff does it make it easier for SOME people to participate in the cultural, political and economic changes that are happening in society.

The good PR people that actually did it right in the first place should be able to adapt and survive the changes that are happening. Brian asks:

What if PR people just took the time to read the publications or the blogs they pitch?
What if PR actually used and believed in the products or services they represented?
What if PR could be compelling without its reliance on hyperbole?
What if PR understood the dynamics and interworkings of the Web?

Well apart from the last which is more recent, these are all things that good PR people should always have done.

UPDATED: Philip Young comments:

I agree, Stuart. And those who want to learn more about the dynamics and interworkings of the web might find it useful to come along to hear you and the rest of the team at Delivering the New PR 2.0 in London on Tuesday, June 5 (www.dontpanicprojects.com/booking.htm)!

Stuart adds: The PDF brochure for the conference will be available for download soon from http://www.dontpanicprojects.com/news.htm, which is why I didn’t mention it as I didn’t realise it was already on the booking page – book early before it sells out smile_wink

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