PR agencies should know it’s the people that count

Contrary to speculation by JaxNYC I’m not “buried alive under all those CVs recently sent in…”, however we have had some very interesting applications which were slowly, but surely, getting through.

One of my 101 tasks at the moment is looking at updating the old company website and as part of my research I was interested to stumble across a story on How Do. It appears that veteran Manchester PR agency Communique is having a tantrum about an ex-employee setting up their own agency.

Communique PR, has retained the London office of law firm Hammonds, to demand that Vertigo PR and its founder and ex-Communique employee Natalie Bagnall, remove web site references (aka passing off) to clients and experience related to Communique and its clients.

Reading between the lines to try and figure out what it’s really all about my sympathies are probably with Bagnall. The Vertigo web site clearly states “With substantial past experience, members of our team have previously achieved outstanding award winning results for numerous companies.”

Where is the passing off? If the individuals worked for the clients listed then it’s their experience. One of my pet irritations is agencies claiming credit for client work or awards that we’re done by the agency, but where all or most of the team responsible has departed.

Who do you think still has the experience and is most likely to be able to replicate the success? It’s not the agency, it’s the people that did the work.

Stuart Bruce

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