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wolfstar1 …the world’s leading…, Simon Collister and Rob Skinner all recently noticed that postings on A PR Guy’s Musings have declined steeply in the last few months. Lots of reasons – working for Alan Johnson on his deputy leadership bid, having a baby, lots of work on the house, my mum is ill –  but now it’s time to come clean on the main reason – I’ve been starting Wolfstar, a new public relations consultancy.

Those of you who’ve been following this blog for a while will know that after years of enjoying the freelance/small consultancy life I was beginning to get frustrated at the number of fantastic new business opportunities that I was missing because BMA PR wasn’t big enough.

That’s why in March I was delighted to be approached by two other senior PR people in Leeds who wanted me to join them in starting a new consultancy. By mid-April we were up and running. Wolfstar is going to be a traditional public relations consultancy, but as you might expect we’ll also be doing lots in the social media, new PR, PR2.0 space (I still don’t like PR2.0 for all the reasons I’ve talked about before, but it is a convenient shorthand).

At the moment the only other director that is active is Susie Lawrence, because our third founder can’t join the the business for another few weeks. However, we already have two new members of the team – our account manager Sebastian Mysko who has been with us since April and account executive Beth Kay who started a couple of weeks ago. Beth was one of the many who responded to my blog post We’re recruiting – send us your CVs.

About Stuart Bruce

International communications consultant and PR trainer specialising in online public affairs, digital corporate communications, online PR and social media; frequent national media commentator and conference speaker.
  • http://www.prblogger.com Stephen Davies

    Congratulations Stuart and best of luck to Wolfstar and all who may sail her.

  • http://www.sixtysecondview.com David Brain

    I wondered why you were so quiet. Top news. Really, really wish you all the best with the new venture mate.

  • http://www.hackflack.co.uk Chris Marritt

    Congratulations Stuart. I don't know: AJ's campaign, a new baby AND a new business. I'm impressed.
    Really impressed.
    Good luck with Wolfstar. The blog is already in my reader.

  • http://publicsphere.typepad.com/mediations/ Philip

    Good luck!

  • http://www.nevillehobson.com/ Neville Hobson

    Many congratulations, Stuart. Finally 100% in the open!

  • http://www.eventualities.blog.co.uk Andrew Wake

    Fantastic news on all fronts. This will be one rising star everyone will be watching…

    Andy & Nicky

  • http://robskinner.typepad.com/ Rob Skinner

    Great to see you've announced. We'll follow your progress with interest!