Miliband blog to launch soon

An informed source tells me that we’ll soon see another Cabinet minister blog by Miliband, although it’s going to David’s brother Ed this time. Not sure quite when it is due to start but keep watching the Cabinet Office website, as Ed is Minister for the Cabinet Office and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster.

UPDATE: My RSS feeds and Simon Dickson’s comment show that a couple of people got this before me. Simon Dickson even had a link (although it’s now gone) at Next Cabinet Minister to start blogging is… and Guido had his usual juvenile post (doesn’t deserve a link).

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  • Simon Collister

    Nice scoop, Stuart!

  • Simon Dickson

    Er, technically, I got this one first. And I've got links, people.

  • Ian Cuddy

    In actual fact (cough), we reported this first on 14 August 2007, which is where everyone's 'sources' got this from! (you need a email address to view).