$6000 for a croudsourced logo

Drew B is a judge for a competition to design a new logo for European social networking bookmark site Mister Wong. I’m not convinced that this is a good idea. In fact, I’m fairly convinced it is a very bad idea (although willing to listen as to what the merits might be).

A logo isn’t just meant to be a pretty little image, it’s actually just part of an organisation’s corporate identity and to do properly requires a detailed understanding of the company’s personality, philosophy and plans. If a company is serious about succeeding then it will invest in getting the job done properly by professionals.

Why just stop at designing a logo? You could have a legal competition to draw up the best contracts, a financial competition to do the best audit – or maybe it would be more sensible to pay professionals to do it instead of trying to put people out of jobs by pretending that it doesn’t require any experience or expertise.

Stuart Bruce

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