Adrian Monck on Andrew Gilligan

Adrian Monck has an interesting little story about Andrew Gilligan (whose dubious journalism led to the Hutton Inquiry). Adrian says:

Here is Gilligan, who gave David Kelly up to John Maples and Richard Ottaway on the Foreign Affairs Select Committee [PDF here]. Just read the email to them in full if you have any lingering regard for him as a journalist. Here it is:

John and Richard,
We have been doing some research on David Kelly. Aside from the MoD’s red herring of a source-hunt, he is an extremely interesting witness in his own right – probably, if he answers fully, the best you’ll have had.

Where it gets really interesting is in the anonymous comments on Adrian’s post, which appear to come from an Associated Newspapers computer and find the post via a Technorati search set up to track all blog posts on “Andrew Gilligan”. Now just remind me where does Andrew Gilligan work? Ah yes, it’s Associated Newspapers. It couldn’t be, could it?

Let’s just remind ourselves what Lord Hutton had to say about Andrew Gilligan’s credibility:

Having heard and considered Mr Gilligan’s evidence about how there came to be two versions of his discussion with Dr Kelly on his personal organiser, and how he lost his manuscript note which he made the next day, and how his memory of his discussion with Dr Kelly is not now entirely clear, I have considerable doubt as to how reliable Mr Gilligan’s evidence is as regards what Dr Kelly said to him…

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